Paygreen Promotes Environmentally-Friendly E-Wallet

PayGreen is a new payment method that allows you save the planet while making your online purchases. The French platform rewards its users with ‘green points’ which they can then spend at online merchants who, according to the company, respect the environment.

PayGreen works similarly to Paypal: you register your card and then use the platform to make your online purchases. The platform is linked to Visa and MasterCard to ensure a secure payment process.

Every time a customer uses the platform to pay for purchases, they receive “Greens.” One “Green” equals €0,10 to spend in environmentally-friendly online retailers. Greens can be cumulated at big French retailers such as Fnac, Etam, Yves Rocher or Noctea, and can be spent at approved green retailers: Nature et Decouvertes, Natura Box, Natiloo, and, among others. PayGreen also offers prepaid gift cards,which can be added to customers’ Greens balances.

The two founders, Nicolas Weissleib and Etienne Beaugrand, have received a prize for their idea – the citizen’s engagement prize at the Moovjee awards in 2012.

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