AmEx App Update Allows For Everyday Loyalty Redemption

American Express has announced a new mobile app feature that will allow customers to redeem rewards points for any purchase, the company stated in a November 19 press release.

The Use Points for Charges mobile feature lets eligible members spend Membership Rewards points on a variety of purchases, including groceries, clothing and other consumer items, provided the total sale is more than $1.00. 

“While many of our Card Members enjoy using points for big rewards like travel, Use Points for Charges now makes rewards more accessible for those who want to use Membership Rewards points for their everyday purchases,” David Yoo, the company’s senior vice president of mobile products and services, said in a statement.

The move comes just weeks after American Express revealed plans it would allow taxi passengers to pay for purchases with rewards points. For more on this innovative development and what it means for American Express’ strategy, read contributor Gloria Colgan’s analysis here

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