Trade Shows And Twitter: CES And NRF Take Over

Here are our top five tweets from the week that was. Keep tweeting, and we may feature you next Friday.

@AGILE_ci: RT @pymnts: Bad Data Makes Bad Decisions < Interesting analysis on proximity payments, NFC and smartphones…

We thank AGILE for this assessment of Karen Webster’s latest commentary on NFC and the sometimes dubious data that comes with its analysis. Webster’s been an outspoken critic on NFC for us for quite some time, and she makes some compelling arguments in the piece, most notably that bar codes and QR codes are driving mobile payments: not NFC. If you haven’t had a chance to scan through it yet, get busy.

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@shukla: Example of how govt can help bld a leading global biz: “@pymnts: #UnionPay Challenges #MasterCard, #Visa in China”

KP points out an interesting Bloomberg News article we covered that examines how UnionPay is beating out Visa and MasterCard in China. Each of China’s five biggest state banks were instrumental in founding Union Bank, which is now looking to expand beyond China and become more of a global players. According to the China Business News, UnionPay’s revenue has more than tripled over the past four years.

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@PerryJerisho: America, take Dramamine™ before reading Jack Lew’s signature.

We’ve seen plenty of jokes about soon-to-be new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s signature, but this one takes the cake. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, well … there’s really no way to describe it, you just have to take a look for yourselves. Personally, I’m excited for this John Hancock to grace some dollar bills for a while: Timothy Geithner’s signature is so boring.

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@cjleonejr: Yesterdays #Ces sightings Bill Clinton, Snooki and Ke$ha. Thankfully not together #Ces2013

That’s actually too bad, Charles: that would’ve made the best panel ever. But we highlight this Tweet not only for the amusing visual, but also to encourage you to share with us anything cool you saw at CES. We didn’t make it out to the show this year, but we have been covering any payments-related news that’s emerged, including this look at Sony’s NFC strategy. Even if you didn’t go this year, what’s the coolest thing you’ve read about at CES? Tweet us, people! 

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@Retail_Careers: Packing for @RetailsBIGShow? The weather forecast predicts it’s going to be cloudy with a chance of retail! #nrf13

The team is looking to make it rain payments news when we head to NRF’s Retail’s Big Show next week, so be sure to look out of us if you’ll be there too. If you have an especially exciting product or announcement you’ll be making, let us know on Twitter, and we’ll try to set up a time to chat. Looking forward to meeting many new payments faces there!

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Have a good weekend, and happy tweeting!

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