Alipay Wallet’s Remarkable Volume

Alipay Wallet has confirmed 190 million annual active users and is delivering 45 million daily transactions, with more than half of that coming directly from Alipay transactions, reports Technode.

“A little less than one year ago Alipay Wallet had 100 million users and was processing one third of Alipay’s transactions. By of the end of 2013, Alipay had a total of 300 million users,” the story noted. ” At the end of 2012, the Alipay mobile version was rebranded Alipay Wallet, an app not just for mobile payments but also for financial management and daily transactions. From then the app has added functions and features such as e-loyalty programs, e-ticketing, scanning-to-compare prices, credit card management, bookkeeping, real-time information on stocks, amongst others.”

The Alipay offering is competing with Tencent’s WeChat mobile payments platform.

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