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Amazon Pushes Apps With Coin Giveaway

Amazon wants to get consumers downloading apps from their store, and they are not above paying them to do it. The massive e-retailers is giving away 1000 ($10 worth) Amazon coins to any customer who downloads five free apps.

Don't want the apps, but want the coins? As it turns out, that is not actually a problem. According to Android Authority the service requires only that users sign-in and download the free apps to their phone. It does not actually monitor if they are ever installed.

Perhaps an even better value for customers, they can essentially double their (Amazon) money by purchasing video games. Users who take their free app coins and go and purchase Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (cost on Amazon 755 coins) will receive the 2000 coin bonus the company is offering for its download. This means that starting with 5 free apps--users can net a little over $20 in Amazon credit.

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