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Apple Focuses On Enhanced Security and NFC Integration With POS Upgrade

Apple has started pushing its new upgrade to the EasyPay mobile POS system within the United States which will allow for interactions with EMV ("chip-and-pin")cards while also preparing for the coming possibility of a rise in contactless credit card purchases through NFC.

The EMV integration is powered by an iPhone 5s shell that will reportedly be made by VeriFoneSystems Inc. which accepts chip-and-pin cards, reports Forbes. The new POS system destined for the Apple stores has a PIN entry keypad on the back of the iPhone 5 that allows customers to enter in their PIN after handing to a clerk to swipe.

More interesting to industry players, however, is Apple's incorporation of NFC technology into the POS currently in roll-out. The new Verifone shell also includes a communication channel so that an NFC-equipped smartphone can be tapped to exchange information with the EasyPay device. Given that Apple already has hundreds of millions of user credit cards on file through iTunes, the NFC operability might be interpretable as Apple's slow but steady push into the payments ecosystem.

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