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Apple Pay Comes to mPO

When CEO of MPD, Karen Webster sat down this week with Scott Holt, VP of marketing and solutions at ROAM, Scott was thrilled to say that as part of Ingenico, ROAM was and is absolutely committed and on board with Apple Pay. As a platform, ROAM’s view is to enable as many acceptance marks as its merchants want.

Today ROAM has a number of devices (dongles/tablets) that are NFC enabled and can, therefore, support Apple Pay. Until Apple Pay, those devices haven’t seen much demand in the US. As part of Ingenico and a global player with EMV/Chip and PIN capabilities, ROAM has been powering these solutions on a global basis for some time so has the capability to quickly respond to these requests.

ROAM’s been in the mPOS space since 2005, having introduced the industry’s first secure mobile card reader, It’s since continued to create, develop and grow its mPOS platform to enable a variety of applications, services and solutions, including APIs and SDKs to further fuel the mPOS ecosystem.

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