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Baseball The mPay Way

Baseball fans in certain cities will get to experience of being taken out to the ballgames technologically enhanced this season, as teams like the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants embrace iBeacon technology to give fans a better attendance experience.

"This technology is so new you really have to balance between providing a fun service the fans can enjoy and being intrusive," said Troy Smith, the A's senior director of marketing, reports The San Francisco Gate. "We're really taking a conservative approach to it initially to make sure it works."

Fans will be greeted on their cell phones,  upgrade their seat during if there are better seats available and signal food vendors that they are looking for beer or a hot dog.  They can even pay the for their peanuts and crackerjacks with their phones, if they so desire.

All services are activated through the MLB App.  Major League officials say the are also looking forward to experimenting with the service to provide targeted promotions to fans attending the game, to keep them coming back.

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