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Bitcoin-Based ATM And Paycards Now Available

As bitcoin ATM's spring up around the nation and world that give consumers a real-world location to make cash-to-virtual currency (and vice-versa) exchanges, Cryptex is going one step further by offering the first global Bitcoin-to-cash ATM and debit card.

These cards are tied to any bitcoin wallet and can be used to take cash out at most regular ATM's and merchant POS terminals, regardless of whether the merchant or bank accepts crypto currency.

"This is a huge development for Bitcoin," said Cryptex co-founder Jamon Rahn, "because Bitcoin ATMs are sparsely located and Bitcoin exchanges make withdrawal a burdensome affair. We are vastly increasing liquidity and convenience for holders of Bitcoin."

Cryptex cards will be accepted in 80 nations worldwide, and is reportedly compatible with 90 percent of the ATMs in the United States.  The first batch of cards will ship to approved customers in the next four to six weeks.

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