Braintree’s One Touch Goes Global

Mobile payments platform Braintree is now rolling out its One Touch payment service outside the U.S., adding Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the U.K., Mobile Payments Insider reported.

Braintree, which is owned by eBay, launched its single-touch payment system on Android and iOS in September. The service connects with PayPal to let users securely pay on a range of apps with one tap, instead of logging in with a user name and password for each separate transaction.

In a blog post on Wednesday (Dec. 3), Braintree General Manager, International and Payment Strategy Klas Back said that U.S. merchants, ParkWhiz, StubHub, Type Tees by Threadless and YPlan have already integrated One Touch payments, and so has Italy's Fashionis. Sweden's Cabonline, the UK's JustPark and France's Polagram are planning to integrate the service.

Braintree said merchants using One Touch have reported a drop in online shopping-cart abandonment. For example, entertainment discovery app YPlan reported a double digit increase in conversions after enabling One Touch, ticket vendor StubHub saw a 50 percent sales rise for transactions going through PayPal.

Braintree plans to eventually make One Touch available in all 43 of the markets it serves.

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