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Can Mobile Photo Bill Pay Have A 99.2 Percent Success Rate?

So just how successful can mobile photo bill pay really be? Well, according to online and mobile bill pay company Allied Payment Network, when companies process payments with its mobile bill option, the success rate is almost perfect.

Allied announced on August 4 that its image process workflow option called PicturePay boasts a 99.2 percent read success rate.

To use PicturePay, organizations only have to take a picture of the bill, enter the amount and payment date, then the bill is paid. If there is poor image quality, Allied manually reads the data from the image and then enters the information into the system for processing.

“To achieve this high image read success rate, we fill the gap on images unrecognizable to the automated image processing system by having human eyes review the images when required,” Allied President and CEO Ralph Marcuccilli said. “Whether the user submits a photo of a full-page invoice or a photo of a napkin with the biller information handwritten on it, we can almost always process the payment.”

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