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Capital One’s App Will Work With Apple Pay

The Apple Pay bandwagon will have to make room for one more as Capital One has rolled out a new mobile wallet app for cardholders that is Apple Pay compatible. The app is intended to offer users a clear look at their Apple Pay transactions, in addition to features such as balance rewards access.

Capital One Walled was reviewed by TechCrunch as “surprisingly well-designed for an app coming from a traditional financial institution, whose slow-moving ways tend to lead to subpar personal finance experiences – a situation that a number of startups tend to take advantage of.”

The wallet has been given particular points for a modern design aesthetic that has a trove of realtime data about purchases which, among other things, could be highly helpful in spotting potential fraud. Rewards cards customers will also be able to redeem those rewards directly in-app.  Rewards data and notifications are only available to credit customers. Debit customers are only given access to transaction data.

Users still must create and set up accounts on the web and, instead of a PIN or AppleTouch, the Cap One app relies on SureSwipe, which mimics the log-in pattern-making gestures common on Android phones. The service is only available on iOS currently, though an Android rollout is in the works.


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