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Carlton’s New Global Crowdsourcing Platform

Crowdfunding is getting an upper class make-over with the announcement by the Carlton Group that they are launching a new global real estate crowdfunding platform and website that will give high income investors  a chance to buy into what is reportedly almost $1 billion in high-yielding, cash-flowing CRE investments.

“We’ve been in business more than 20 years; we’re a large, established investment advisory bank and we didn’t just pop up and say ‘we’re going to raise equity and do this crowdfunding thing,’” he says. “We have unique access to cash-flowing real estate projects. We absolutely have global reach, and we’ll be accessing international investors,” Carlton’s chairman and chief executive, Howard Michaels told

Carlton's goal with the platform is to create a vehicle where high-net-worth investors could investigate, underwrite real estate transactions for the bargain rate of $1 million- $10 million as opposed to the $50-$100 million larger funds require. The company further plans to co-invest it own funds at every transaction.


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