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China Leaves Apple Off Government Procurement List

China reportedly left Apple products off a government procurement list because the iPhone and iPad maker failed to submit documents that included a pledge not to violate state or public interests.

Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources,reports that the Finance Ministry documents would have required the company to provide detailed product information, though the documents don’t specify the types of information required.

“Relevant documents were not submitted in accordance with provisions and commitments,” the Finance Ministry told Bloomberg News in a faxed response to questions. Apple’s neglecting to submit the documents raised security concerns about its products, the officials said.

Under China’s government rules, failure to company with the document requirements could result in exclusion from future procurement requests and be labeled as an unacceptable provider of products to public agencies.

Apple reportedly isworking with Visa on an NFC initiative, though neither company has verified they are doing so or what such an agreement might entail.


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