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Dutch B2G E-Invoicing Gets New Leading Firm

As of July 1, 2014, TIE Kinetix took over the e-invoicing portal for the Netherlands. Previously, public authority Logius managed the portal.

According to an E-Invoicing Platform article, the transfer happened because the government obtained its initial ambition, which was to lower the threshold to start sending e-invoices to government agencies and businesses.

Now, it is no longer possible to send invoices to the Tax Authority and Logius through the Loigus website, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

TIE Kinetix CEO Jan Sundelin said in a statement that the threshold to exchange electronic invoices is still too high for some businesses.

“Often all different kinds of automation investments have to be made to make electronic invoicing possible,” Sundelin said. “By offering an accessible network for diverse audiences makes electronic invoicing with the government and business accessible for everyone. Ultimately, we hope that everyone in the Netherlands will send invoices 100% paperless and we like to contribute to that.”

The news source added that TIE Kinetix has enhanced the portal by adding features that will be attractive to companies with high volumes.

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