How Is New Zealand’s Bitcoin Grocery Doing?


Hungry Kiwis with bitcoins to burn are now in luck—there now exists in New Zealand a bitcoin only grocery story: Bitmart.

"The enthusiasm of the growing Bitcoin community and their eagerness to help establish a thriving digital currency economy in New Zealand really solidifies my belief that Bitcoin is here to stay,”  said founder Chris Dawsoe, reports CoinTelegraph.

Bitmart takes both bitcoin and dogecoin and offers consumers price listings in both digital and fiat currency. The service offers a fairly wide range of goods—spanning from grocery, to electronics and hardware.

The company has been particularly active on the bitcoin friendly social media site Reddit, giving out free gift boxes to frequent New Zealand-based posters in crypto-currency sub-reddits.

What the pictures for sales are it is still too early to tell, however the opening has garnered a lot of attention, particularly on social media.

One particularly enthusiastic poster noted that with the ability of the consumer to by toothpaste and marmite with bitcoin, the crypto currency  can now safely be called mainstream.

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