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International iPhones Users May Have Found a Loophole to Apple Pay

International iPhone users may have been a little bummed about the fact that since Monday, Apple Pay was officially rolled out only in the United States. Well according to Whirlpool forums, international users have found a loophole and can to utilize the service.

It’s been reported that iPhone users in the United Arab Emirates have successfully used Apple Pay.

In order to enable Apple Pay from outside of the United States, iPhone users need to change the region of their phones from their home country to the United States.

Once the users have configured their iPhones, international users can start using Apple Pay at any point-of-sale terminals that support NFC payments.

It’s important to note that while using the Apple Pay platform is doable, it is not ideal as international iPhone users must use a U.S. based credit card for these transactions, which means they will obtain currency conversion charges that can ultimately increase costs dramatically. So to use Apple Pay routinely might not be most fiscal savvy alternative.

However if international users get curious and simply just want to test out the Apple Pay service, those who hold a U.S. based credit card can give it a try.

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