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Loomio’s Tech Tool Raises near $100k for Crowdfund Target

Loomio, a start-up company in New Zealand, is close to raising $100,000 for a venture that offers a free open source decision-making tool for the masses, The Zealand Herald is reporting.

"Loomio is a great tool for anyone who needs to make decisions with a group. From hundreds of student protesters organizing themselves in Hungary to Wellington City Council using Loomio to collaborate with the public on an Alcohol Management Strategy for the city," co-founder Alanna Krause said.

The start-up is hoping to make their crowdfunding goal by Thursday. With just a couple of days to go in the funding campaign, Loomio has so far raised more than $85,000 from over 1000 donators.

"We are thrilled with the massive response from supporters all over the world," Krause said.


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