More Retailers Adopt In Store Cash Bill Payment

Around 68 million consumers are “cash-only” customers, reports the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, though the reasons for that can vary. Some choose not to use credit or debit purchases as the result of security concerns—they simply believe that since cash can’t be hacked it is safe.  Other are part of the under banked population who lack the access or resources to make use of traditionalPoi banking.

While cash only consumers face a myriad of difficulties as commerce migrates online, bill paying in particularly remains a particularly difficult problem that leaves many cash only consumers paying significant fees for the privilege of paying bills.

Point-of-sale bill pay is rising up to fill that void.  The system is fairly simple.  Bills come to consumers with a bar code on it that is linked to the customer’s account information.  By scanning said barcode at a retail POS—say at a grocery store—the customer can then pay there, in cash.

According to Business Solutions, merchants have an incentive to include bill pay into the their POS terminals, as it gives the access to greater foot traffic and customer loyalty.


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