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Newest POS Tech Fueled By Internet Of Things

The restaurant industry has an interesting application for the so-called “internet of things,”- they think the data streams it creates can help to build a better point of sale.

Among the small army of of technology vendors peddling their point-of-sale wares at this year's National Restaurant Association (NRA) tradeshow a common theme kept emerging: connectivity. Restaurateurs are looking at a world where the back office operations are targeted to build better deals via better collection and interpretation of data, reports ZDNet.

Technology vendors are now piching POS systems that tie all the data together in one place, at the point of transaction—a very different use than what was being created for POS terminal a mere ten years ago.

The new move on the part of the industry can be seen with the functions now offered by Groupon with it POS system Gnome. The iPad-based platform will recognize Groupon customers and make it easier to both redeem coupons and learn about the people using them. Gnome, however, goes the extra mile and also incorporates CRM tools, accounting software, and the ability to create and auto-update a database with customer contact information.

The takeaway is the restaurants want more than data, they want to know how to tie that data into their sales process, and it looks like the industry is reacting to the call.

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