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PayPal, MyCheck Team-Up Makes Settling-Up While Eating Out Easy

Every day, countless brunches, lunches and dinners with friends are spoiled when a group of ostensibly intelligent people suddenly realize that they do not know how to split a check.  At best waitstaff are inconvenienced, at worst lifelong relationships.  PayPal and Israeli start-up my check have partnered to make settling up easy and possibly to save relationships worldwide.

The partnership allows users will be able to pay for select restaurant bills and bar tabs, split their bill and tip their servers, among other functions, all by checking-in through the PayPal mobile app.

This is not PayPal's first foray into expanding pay-at-the-table from your phone functionality, the payments company in 2013 began offering  “pay at table” functionality plus other things like order-ahead, by working with companies like EatNow, OrderMate, Eat24, and others.

While the partnership is not exclusive, it should help MyCheck increase its visibility to merchants, whose processing fees are their main source of income.

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