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Price Comparison Dethrones Amazon

Amazon, which at one time had the reputation for undercutting other e-tailers with slightly lower prices, has lost the online pricing edge to both Walmart and Target.

“Both big-box retailers generally offered lower prices online than Amazon in the clothing and shoes, electronics, housewares, and health and cosmetics categories,” said USA Today, citing a new price-comparison report from Wells Fargo and online sales tracking firm 360pi. “However, the report also notes that Amazon typically offered the lowest prices when it came to ‘like-to-like’ specific goods.”

And, the story said, the pricing differences weren’t tiny. “Walmart’s pricing in the four categories sat an astounding 10 percent lower than Amazon’s as of August and Target enjoyed a 5 percent pricing advantage as well. The report acknowledges that the pricing survey didn’t account for the cost of shipping and taxes, areas where Amazon enjoys advantages with its Prime shipping service and its notorious state tax policies,” the story said.

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