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SaaS Solutions For Health Care Payments

Reducing the cost and time to e-enable health care payments is the sweet spot of many B2B solutions providers. New cloud-based technology is making it faster and easier than ever to provision test and development environments that help internal IT teams adapt new health care payments technologies to their environments. Learn who’s just launched something that is making the lives of providers that much easier.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has pushed health care organizations across the nation to find the most efficient solutions to their operational issues. Providers need to not only ensure they are in line with all federal and state requirements; they also want to give their patients clear options in terms of health care coverage and payment options. With some penalties going into effect this year against institutions that have not met all ACA requirement, organizations are looking for cost-effective options.

Navicure, Inc. is a health care payment solution that works with hospitals, physician practices and billing companies. Earlier this week, Navicure announced that its plans to  use VMware vCloud Suite to automate the governance and provisions of IT services, reducing the turnaround time for provisioning development environments from days to  two hours.

Navicure IT director Donald Watkins explained in a VMware statement that one of the major benefits of VMware vCloud is that it can automate the delivery and reclamation of development environments.

“As a result, we can now offer our developers a self-service catalog to deploy development and test environments on-demand – removing IT as a bottleneck,” Wilkins said in the release. “The streamlined development process enables Navicure to bring new and enhanced applications and functionality to our growing customer base faster.”

Another benefit for Navicure with this transition is that any IT-related financial practices – such as its annual budgeting process – can now be supported. Future IT resources can be properly forecast, according to the release, which will help the entire company remain efficient.

Wilkins added that Navicure also implemented the VMware’s chargeback capabilities, which will help Navicure better understand its consumption of resources, including virtual machine and R&D costs. His company wanted a clear picture of its financial infrastructure, and not just a “gut feeling,” of what it might be, Wilkins said.


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