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Selz Pushes New PayPal App

According to software-as-services provider Selz, an 80 percent of entrepreneurs work through PayPal when they are looking sell goods online, and SaS start-up thinks that they can make those transactions easier and smother with their new app.

We started Selz as a simple payments alternative to PayPal for entrepreneurs. But we quickly realised that entrepreneurs didn't want to throw PayPal out. They just wanted it to be simpler & have many more features so that's what we've done," founder and CEO Martin Rushe told Finextra.

Rather than swimming against a tide that is flowing overwhelmingly toward PayPal, Selz has created and app that allows non-technical users to more fully integrate PayPal into their commerce strategy.  The Selz app allows users to embed a store, widget and  buy now button on either their website or social media networks networks with only the use of a free code snippet. There is no need to sign up for a PayPal business account to pay additional fees.

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