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Spindle Seeks Benefits From Moolah

Mobile commerce solutions provider Spindle Inc. has signed a strategic agreement with Moolah LLC in which the independent sales organization will integrate Spindle's merchant-aggregation and payment-processing infrastructure into its eCommerce and mobile offerings.

Moolah, which serves thousands of U.S. merchants, says in the agreement announcement the deal will enable it to offer instant merchant onboarding, increase merchant-approval rates, and allow those customers to begin accepting credit card payments in as little as 10 minutes.

Moolah, whose customers include restaurants, bars, mobile and online businesses, and small brick-and-mortar customers, plans to leverage Spindle's streamlined onboarding process to quickly underwrite merchants, including companies that may not have been approved through traditional means.

“We are committed to empowering ISOs to expand their base by onboarding merchants in a streamlined, time-efficient manner, and to supporting the growing reliance on mobile and ecommerce acceptance,” Bill Clark, Spindle CEO, said in the announcement. “Spindle will continue to offer innovations that enable ISOs and merchant services providers to deliver the latest capabilities that satisfy evolving consumer preferences."

Spindle recently began using its newly acquired Yowza!! brand as a platform as it began introducing its next-generation integrated mobile commerce offerings.


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