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Thai Coup Crippling Cross-Border Trade

Merchants on the Chom Jum Border between Thailand and Cambodia are not a happy group as trade as reportedly slumped steeply since National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) seized power in Thailand, reports Bangkok Daily

The NCPO has put severe limitation on crossings at the border—Cambodian nationals may only enter Thailand with extensive paperwork, some bribery and only with the intention of buying vegetables on Thailand for cooking. No other goods can legally be contracted for.

Thais crossing the border have similar bureaucratic steps to follow, and often are turned away by the large crowds and long wait times. Additionally, border crossing can only occur in short, state-sanctioned three-hour blocks.

The scale back in trade has been hard on both Thai and Cambodia vendors, both of who rely on the trade to make a living. Several vendors at the Chong Jom market have had to look for other places to sell their vegetables and other products. Some have moved to a makeshift market in front of the Kap Choeng district office

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