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Trouble Paying Bills On Time? Google Wants to Help

Google Now users who have some trouble managing their personal finances will soon be getting a hand from Google. A new feature in the Google personal assistant will now send users reminder cards about when their bills are due.

How does Google know when you bills are due? By searching of course, in this case, specifically searching users gmail account for correspondence from creditors. Once the program has found billing emails, it formats the data into helpful Goolge Now cards that tell the user name of the company they owe money to), the amount owed and the date by which the money must be paid. The service also allows users to view the original email about the bill, though it does not give users the option of paying the bill directly from Google Now.

The bill service is one of a number of support features that the Google Now experience offers users. Recently the program also rolled out a feature that sends users alerts when they are in the vicinity of stores that sell an object or objects that they have recently look for during a Google search. Again, in this instant the service does not allow the customer a direct way to purchase the good, much like the bill service, Google instead uses its status as an information aggregator to guide users in the direction of other merchants.

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