TSYS Joins Forces With Multos International

Total System Services de México (TSYS) and Multos International announced a new product launch this week that uses the MULTOS chip card technology solutions in TSYS’ latest EMV services offering to support banks and financial institutions.

According to a Multos press release, the innovation includes support for a full range of technology options from SDA to DDA/CDA and dual interface. Additionally, the new product will utilize MULTOS technology with payment applications from Multos International.

Multos International Managing Director Richard Cusson said in a statement that his company was happy to assist the TSYS program to implement MULTOS in its facility, as well as the opportunity to offer new smartcard-based services.

“This further underpins the growing strength and continued relevance of our MULTOS technology offerings for EMV issuing throughout the region, and we look forward to building a strong partnership with TSYS,” he said.

TSYS de Mexico IT Director Hugo Torres agreed, saying that the partnership was beneficial for both companies. According to Torres, Multos has a wide range of chip technology options that meet his company’s demanding requirements.

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