20 Million Galaxy 6 Order Gives Samsung Needed Boost

Samsung has gotten some much needed good news after the disappointing sales run of the Galaxy 5 phone, according to Shin Jong-Kyun, Samsung’s Chief of Mobile.  “Pre-orders of the two Galaxy variants from our major clients are really huge,” Jong-Kyun told reporters.

While Samsung didn’t get more specific with the numbers, The Korea Times did – they are reporting fifteen million Galaxy S6 units and five million Galaxy S6 Edge units pre-ordered by mobile carriers across the world. Those number come via a ‘ top executive at a leading mobile carrier in Europe,’ according to KT.

If those numbers hold up,  the Galaxy S6 will outstrip both Galaxy S5′s initial run and the (more popular) Galaxy S4’s.  Samsung’s mobile division saw its profits crash by 60 percent in 2014, and these pre-order numbers are just what the company needed to see if it wants to remain the leading manufacturer of the Android phone.

These figures, however, still represent pre-orders from carriers and distributors, not customers putting down money to reserve a handset. Whether customers will flock to the handset in the volume that the carriers hope they will remains to be seen.



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