Apple Releases Video On How To Use Apple Pay


The age of the high-powered salesman has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that consumers need their hands held when they experience new technology, especially if many of them are being exposed to it for the first time.

That’s Apple’s strategy to confront the problem of low consumer familiarity with digital wallets. Apple has released a 75-second video walkthrough of Apple Pay for new users. Not only does the video show users all the ways they can use their phones to seamlessly pay for their purchases, but it also guides new consumers as they set up one or multiple cards on their digital profiles.

The “guided tour” is as minimalist as a video about an emerging tech product can be nowadays, but that could lie in its purpose — not to entertain but rather to get iPhone users rapidly up to speed on a functionality that has been around for some time. According to Statista, Apple and other payment platform developers have a good amount of work left on this front. While 78 percent of consumers are “aware” of digital wallets, only 32 percent report using them. If Apple can manage not just to show users the steps they need to take to set up Apple Pay but, more importantly, that the process isn’t as complicated as they may fear it to be, those figures could improve dramatically.

Interestingly, one of Apple’s competitors in the mobile wallets space has already embraced the spirit of consumer education on mobile payments. Samsung recently embarked on a seven-city, coast-to-coast informational U.S. tour for its own platform, Samsung Pay. With free swag for consumers, in-person meetings with prominent retail clients and more included in the schedule, Apple’s video tour might seem like a game of catch-up, but only if it can’t make up the ground with its near-exhaustive consumer base.


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