Limited Too Given Second Chance To Dress Tweens

Limited Too — a tween retailer which is fondly remembered for its fads and glitter-adorned apparel — is being brought back to life from the retail grave by Bluestar Alliance. Bluestar, a brand management company, announced the acquisition on Monday (July 20), and the New York Post reports that Limited Too aims to open 200 stores in the next five years.

Launched in 1987, Limited Too emerged as one of the more popular retail stores targeting young girls and their mutual love for all things sparkly. Fashion-forward ’90s girls packed their wardrobes with clothing from Limited Too and other popular ’90s fashion retailers like Claire’s and Delia’s.

Limited Too peaked in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but then suffered from poor sales up until its demise in 2008. That was the end of Limited Too, with the remainder of its stores having been converted to Justice, a cheaper sister brand.

Now, almost seven years later, Limited Too is being given another chance with this generation of tweens, whose mothers were likely among the brand’s glitzy superfans in the retailer’s heyday.

“Limited Too is a girl’s market leader with a solid foundation of brand loyalty,” said Ralph Gindi, COO of Bluestar Alliance, in a press release. “Over the years Limited Too has brought fun and joy to children’s fashion shopping experiences and holds a special place with the millennial moms who are now having children of their own.”

With the resurrection comes a more modern approach to getting the attention of tweens and their mothers. Bluestar Alliance has plans to tap into social media, using it to launch a national contest to find two BFFs who will be the new faces of Limited Too.

“Our goal from a marketing perspective is to uphold Limited Too’s branded lifestyle mission and to enable girls of all ages to express their individuality and creativity through diverse categories that stay true to the brand DNA and mantra of ‘It’s a Girls’ World,'” stated Rebecca Karakasli, VP of Marketing.

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