Payvision Launches Global Omnichannel PSP Platform

Payvision announced yesterday (Sept. 29) the launch of Acapture — its new, global omnichannel payments platform solution designed for cross-border eCommerce PSPs.

Acapture, a division of Payvision, aligns its goals with its parent company by offering comprehensive payment solutions aimed at driving conversion rates for eCommerce providers.

“For more than a decade now, Payvision has been one of the most dynamic innovators in the payments industry,” said Rudolf Booker, Payvision CEO and founder. “The launch of Acapture continues that trend. It is a solution that smashes the barriers that have, for too long, slowed down international eCommerce growth.”

With all the innovations joining the payments and commerce space, the complexities sometimes overload those looking to onboard the solutions — at least from the merchant’s perspective. That’s the friction point Acapture hopes to address.

“We know that merchants have become frustrated with the complexity of the online payment process, so we decided to approach it from a new angle. We designed a platform that is simple, fast and straightforward to use,” said John Snoek, Vice President of Acapture. “As Acapture is not held down by any existing, bloated legacy platform, we built ours from scratch to suit the modern market. Developers can integrate our solution in a day and finance departments get a streamlined reconciliation process. At every level of the service we provide, from our white label platform for PSPs to our ready-to-go solutions for marketplaces, Acapture makes things easy.”

By using the same platform that has been used by Payvision’s existing clients, Acapture says its transactions move through a “single, simple and secure system.” This platform is available both at the POS and for online checkout. The solution also allows the customer to use their currency of choice, but gives the merchant the necessary data to keep track of the transactions and trends.

“Our aim is to eliminate the obstacles merchants encounter in their day-to-day payments processes, whether it’s in technical integration, reconciliation or increasing conversion. We sum up Acapture in four words: One solution. No borders,” Snoek said.

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