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Samsung Pay Takes Jab At Apple Pay

“The most accepted mobile payment”

That’s how Samsung wraps up its latest Samsung Pay commercial featuring the new Galaxy S6Edge and its mobile payments app, Samsung Pay. And in that commercial, Samsung is certainly not shy about taking on Apple Pay — going as far as featuring an iPhone attempting to use Apple Pay at a merchant, only to have it rejected.

Set to the tone of “My Favorite Things,” in a more modern, upbeat cover version, Samsung debuted this ad during the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards. In the commercial, Samsung shows off consumers buying their “favorite things” and doing so effortlessly using Samsung Pay.

The music, of course, stops when the iPhone comes in to pay via Apple Pay, but quickly resumes once the Samsung phone moves back into the picture. Samsung also used the commercial to highlight that Samsung Pay has the early backing of major payment networks and issuers.

Samsung Pay hasn’t even officially hit the market to the masses and it’s already taking on Apple Pay in big ways.

While Samsung Pay is only available in Korea and the U.S. on a trial basis — and on select phones — Samsung wasn’t shy about still declaring that it’s “the most accepted mobile payment.”

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The pressure on banks to modernize their payments capabilities to support initiatives such as ISO 20022 and instant/real time payments has been exacerbated by the emergence of COVID-19 and the compelling need to quickly scale operations due to the rapid growth of contactless payments, and subsequent increase in digitization. Given this new normal, the need for agility and optimization across the payments processing value chain is imperative.