Text Your Friends A Beer with ChangeTip

A new digital tipping service has just given you one less excuse for being a lousy tipper.

ChangeTip developed itself on a model of e-tipping: account holders simply have to mention @ChangeTip over social media, an amount they wish to tip, the person they wish to tip, and ChangeTip takes care of the transaction.

Now, the company is offering a less public way to tip. The company announced on its Tumblr Monday (Jan. 5) that it has launched the One Time Tip link feature, a service that creates a onetime-use link for individuals to receive a tip.

To do so, ChangeTip creates a unique URL for an account holder, who designates the monetary value of the tip. The user then sends that URL to whomever they want; the link becomes dysfunctional after clicked for the first time.

ChangeTip – which secured $3.5 million in seed funding last month – only transfers tips in the form of
Bitcoin, but ChangeTip users can designate the monetary value of their tips with currencies or monikers like 1 beer or 5 donuts. And with the new One Time Tip link, users can send people tips through email and SMS.

Yes, that means you can text your friend a beer, according to ChangeTip Vice President of Community Development Victoria van Eyk.

“Using the One Time Tip link, we are now able to send anyone money over SMS/text/iMessage,” van Eyk said in her blog post. “I’ve used this feature to tip cab drivers who are interested in Bitcoin, to send Bitcoin to friends, and to show others how easy it is to send Bitcoin over different mediums.”


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