Senior Citizens Sue Wyndham For Fraudulent Actions

Just because people get older, it doesn’t mean the wool can be easily pulled over their eyes.

Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc. is finding this lesson out the hard way as over 285 senior citizens spread across seven different lawsuits are claiming fraud and violations of the Tennessee Timeshare Act.

The suits filed with a Nashville law office state that Wyndham’s sales teams specifically targeted its older customers by intentionally misrepresenting the details in timeshares.

Though the company’s sales presentation says that prospective buyers of timeshares should have a $60,000 minimum income to attend, that restriction isn’t there for those over the age of 55. It’s also being claimed that Wyndham inflates prices, does not review real estate transaction details and is less than truthful about timeshare points’ aftermarket value. The sales agents are also allegedly deceived people about what was said during sales presentations.

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