Esker Integrates AP Automation Into Microsoft’s ERP

Microsoft Dynamics, which offers an enterprise resource planning service, has just broadened its offering a bit. An announcement on Thursday (Oct. 8) said document process automation firm Esker has integrated into Microsoft’s ERP service, meaning the AP automated service now works into the MS Dynamics workflow.

According to Esker, doing so streamlines the accounts payable process by automating document processing for invoice retrieval and approval. The solution also supports mobile platforms, reports added.

Corporate users of Microsoft Dynamics can now take advantage of automatic synchronization of supplier and invoice data, purchase order and invoice posting, mobile invoice approval and invoice data archiving into MS Dynamics. Esker also provides invoice error management to allow businesses to easily fix a mistake when an invoice is transferred from Esker to MS Dynamics.

The company added that the integration of Esker AP tools can be functional within MS Dynamics “in just a few days.”

“By streamlining and automating the AP process, we are helping our customers maximize their MS Dynamics NAV investment,” said Esker CEO Jean-Michel Bérard in a statement. “As we further our investment in the Microsoft Dynamics business ecosystem, we will continue to provide new integration capabilities to deliver a complete solution needed by customers today as they address AP automation in their companies.”

Automated document processing is just one of several aspects of the accounts payable process that AP executives demand, according to recent research from Basware and Ardent Partners. The survey found that, overall, the majority of AP officials want automated solutions.

On the other side, however, recent analysis from e2b teknologies published this week uncovered some of the key fears held among accounts receivable officials regarding automated solutions.

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