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The Big Data Way To Snag More Corporate Customers

One of the most prominent benefits of Software-as-a-Service is its ability to use Big Data to provide the service a company needs. When that SaaS involves helping the B2B community gain more connections, Big Data can provide a reliable method for businesses to strengthen conversation rates and make their sales tactics more efficient.

Such is the mentality of customer management SaaS provider SalesPredict, which revealed late last week that it has secured a partnership with HG Data. Together, the two will combine SalesPredict’s existing algorithm with the Big Data analytics capabilities of HG Data allowing business users to more accurately target both inbound and outbound efforts to reach more companies.

According to SalesPredict, the collaboration combines predictive data analytics, an internal customer relationship management automated system and external data sources through the Internet to gain the highest quality of information for B2B companies that want to gain more qualified leads and conversations.

“Our goal is to deliver the most accurate predictive lead and account scores, along with deep data insights, to help our customers find, convert and retain more customers,” said Yaron Zakai-Or, cofounder and CEO of SalesPredict. “HG Data provides valuable information about the installed technology landscape, and we are excited to be able to share that data with our customers and help them market and sell more efficiently.”

Reports said HG Data is already connected to more than 1,700 vendors and to more than 5,000 technology products. It accesses data through SaaS, the cloud, open source applications, mobile devices, CRM and more.

The partnership hints at the rise of Data-as-a-Service, a sector that reflects the rise in data analytics demand among businesses. Some of the world’s largest technology companies have similarly recognized the importance for B2B marketers to implement Big Data into their sales strategies.

Oracle Data Cloud, for example, recently launched its own DaaS platform. “By bringing Data-as-a-Sevice to marketers, we are providing a new world of external data that enables targeting accuracy and scale to every B2B interaction,” said the firm’s Senior VP and General Manager Omar Tawakol at the time.



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