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Partnership Goes After AI For Workplace Automation


Enterprise services firm Hexaware and smart process automation company WorkFusion are linking up to bring automated service to corporations using artificial intelligence.

An announcement on Thursday (Aug. 11) said the two businesses will combine their specialties to help the enterprise become more productive and agile while reducing costs.

“This collaboration is a strong reinforcement of our commitment to deliver workplace-transforming technologies to our customers using Digital Managed Services,” explained Hexaware Technologies Global Head of Business Process Services Chinmoy Banerjee in a statement. “Hexaware’s customers will leverage this smart automation to digitize complex business processes using robotics and AI-powered cognitive automation.”

The firms explained that WorkFusion’s use of robotics and cognitive automation technologies enables automation even with unstructured data by analyzing historical data and human action.

“As customers achieve greater levels of automation with WorkFusion, staff are elevated from routine tasks to handling corner cases and work that requires true subject matter expertise,” their announcement stated.

The companies did not specify which kinds of business processes can be automated through their partnership.

But B2B companies have begun to turn to artificial intelligence to automate an array of processes, like procurement and payments. Both Sage and Tradeshift have recently launched their own artificial intelligence-powered solutions targeted for these areas and other business processes.



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