Certify Adds Another Industry Peer To Mega-Merger

Cloud-based travel and expense report management solution Certify combined with three other corporate travel and expense management companies earlier this year, with parent company K1 Investment Management incorporating Nexonia, ExpenseWatch and Tallie under the Certify name to step up competition with industry leader SAP Concur.

Now, Certify has reportedly added another travel and entertainment (T&E) industry peer to the mix.

Reports Thursday (Sept. 7) noted Certify is acquiring nuTravel in a deal that will see Certify able to launch a new solution using nuTravel technology. That new offering, Certify Enterprise Travel, will complement Certify’s existing Certify Travel booking solution, the company said.

“We are now one of the only expense management providers that also controls the online booking technology, making Certify a best-in-class travel and expense management solution,” said Certify president Bob Neveu in a statement. “Our partnership opportunities with TMCs and corporate travel departments are extensive, and we will continue to disrupt the T&E space.”

According to the announcement, nuTravel will continue operating its airline services business.

“These are exciting times for Certify as nuTravel was looking for a partner that would acquire our booking tool and take it to the next level,” said nuTravel CEO Carmine Carpanzano in another statement. “Certify was a natural fit for both parties, and this allows Certify to strengthen its position and ability to compete in the mid-large corporate market for a fully integrated T&E platform. We have been speaking with our customers and TMC distributors for quite a while, and Certify has the answer — and we know the market is ready to embrace good, healthy competition.”

Certify Enterprise Travel will be offered to travel management companies that can link the solution to their own business clients, integrating T&E management with the travel booking process for more streamlined planning of airline travel and business travel. Certify said the offering is part of its vision to provide end-to-end corporate travel services, including currency and language conversions for international business travelers.

Financial details of the acquisition were not reported.