CareCredit - Women's Health April 2024 Expands Cloud Banking Service to Oman

cloud banking

B2B payment platform has expanded its cloud banking service to provide entrepreneurs and freelancers in Oman with the ability to open a U.S. account remotely.

This expansion aims to facilitate effortless payments to U.S. vendors, affiliates, employees and partners globally, allowing Omani businesses to engage in international transactions without the need to be physically present in the United States, the company said in a Friday (Dec. 29) press release.

“ remains committed to providing innovative financial solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses worldwide,” the release said. “The expansion of its cloud banking service to Oman reflects the company’s dedication to fostering global business growth and enhancing financial inclusivity.”

The cloud banking service provided by is designed to simplify international transactions by cutting down on complexities and costs related to cross-border payments, according to the release. By doing so, it enhances the efficiency and affordability of business operations.

This service opens up substantial growth prospects for Omani businesses in the United States, providing them with access to a wider market and diverse business opportunities, the release said.

One of the key features of’s cloud banking service is the ability for users to easily create and manage multiple business accounts for specific payments or business needs, per the release.

The platform ensures a seamless financial experience by enabling instant fund transfers between cloud banking accounts while maintaining high-security standards to protect transactions, the release said. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of virtual cards, international payments, bulk payments, early payments, and other features provided by the cloud banking platform., part of Zil Money Corp., offers an all-in-one financial platform for businesses, according to the release. The platform includes a range of payment options and is integrated with popular accounting and payroll software. It has over 800,000 users and $50 billion in processed transactions.

In another recent development, said in October that it has teamed up with Plexe to help businesses access working capital. This partnership lets businesses access Plexe’s line of credit after verifying business information and a valid bank.

In July, launched an automated Positive Pay service that streamlines cash management and boosts fraud detection for businesses.

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