Digital Banking Apps Solidify Chart Positions In Latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking  

Nubank App

No one wants to admit it, but we miss seeing the nice people in our bank branch. The teller rocking a retro beehive and cat glasses; the manager who is austere, pleated, professional.

Good times — though not necessarily better than the awesome new apps that act like micro-mobile bank branches doing virtually everything while touching practically nothing.

That’s more like it, thank you very much — hence the Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps.

We like to be above-board, so be forewarned: This update is calm as milk until the very end, when all bets are off. Hang in there, because the surprises are always worth it (at least to statistics geeks like us).

The Top Five

In crime dramas, there’s often that scene where a police officer tells people, “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.” That’s kind of how we feel about this latest ranking. But, as we’ve often said, when it comes to banking — digital, mobile or otherwise — a certain amount of sameness is actually a good thing. Got to keep an eye on any and all volatility.

Like we said, nothing to see here volatility-wise.

Still ringing at No. 1 is the Chime app, whose early talks with investors about a new stock market offering could value the startup at over $30 billion, with Nubank solid at No. 2 and self-described “financial super app” Revolut at No. 3.

Challenger bank and app Current stays put at No. 4 and, seeming to like the view from No. 5, it’s the Monzo app, whose U.S. expansion is generating headlines as it draws closer.

The Top 10

Continuing along the familiar path of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps we find Dave, still a bespectacled bear-logoed credit-building favorite at No. 6, with who else but Starling Bank at its usual No. 7 spot, as is the N26 direct bank app still ranking at No. 8.

Here come those changes mentioned earlier.

Brand new at No. 9 is the digital-only Up banking app. And fresh from Canada at No. 10 is Scotiabank subsidiary Tangerine and its eponymous app.

Now you really can move along. Nothing to see, folks (until the next update).