Online Alcohol Delivery Surged 32 Percent Last Year

Shipt Will Deliver Alcohol Now

New data shows that online alcohol-delivery revenue grew almost 33 percent last year, increasing at an average rate of 3 percent month over month. According to Slice Intelligence, the growth of alcohol-delivery service Drizly helped give the market a boost, with revenue that grew by a whopping 62 percent in 2017.

Drizly is an eCommerce marketplace for consumers who want alcohol delivered to them the same day, connecting them with local retailers who are part of Drizly’s marketplace, available in over 40 markets across the U.S. and Canada.

“We have been collecting great data as a result of selling beer, wine and spirits online,” Drizly Co-founder and COO Justin Robinson told PYMNTS last year, “and for an interesting customer base — a base that everyone wants to know more about, one that skews toward millennials with an average consumer age of 33 — those are the consumers who are starting trends.”

The Slice data also shows that December is the highest revenue-earning month in 2017, comprising over 12 percent of annual sales, thanks to the holiday season.

In addition, women purchased more alcohol online than men, making up almost 56 percent of alcoholic beverages delivered online. Of this majority, nearly 57 percent of the alcohol women are having delivered is wine. But the ladies aren’t the only ones who love their vino — the beverage is also tops for men, making up 47 percent of their online alcohol purchases. Beer came in second at 27 percent, and spirits was in third place at just over 25 percent.

The most popular wine brand to order online is Veuve Cliquot, then Barefoot Cellars, and Bota Box. Tito’s is the most popular spirit brand for online orders — and the most popular alcohol brand online — accounting for 3 percent of online alcohol-delivery revenue. The rest of the top 10 online alcohol, after Tito’s, includes Bud Light, Bulleit, Veuve Clicquot, Bota Box, Barefoot Cellars, Corona, Oyster Bay, Stella Artois, and Miller Lite.