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commercetools Launches Solution to Streamline Retailers’ Adoption of Composable Commerce

Composable commerce firm commercetools has unveiled commercetools Foundry.

This solution aims to help business-to-consumer (B2C) retailers unlock the advantages of composable commerce more efficiently, enabling them to gain a competitive edge, the company said in a Monday (Jan. 15) press release.

Foundry draws on the collective success of numerous commercetools partners and clients, including WoolworthsRiver Island and Bang & Olufsen, according to the release.

Businesses using the commercetools platform can deploy about 30% faster on average, with some achieving a turnaround time of eight weeks, the release said.

Foundry provides a package that equips retailers with all the necessary documentation, application programming interface (API)-doc updates, and implementation details required to embark on a composable commerce journey, per the release. By streamlining the process, Foundry reduces friction and enhances scalability, enabling retailers to expedite time to value.

One of the standout features of commercetools Foundry is the Blueprint for B2C Retail, a step-by-step guide that assists businesses in navigating the complexities of implementing composable commerce, according to the release. This invaluable resource covers solution architecture, project planning, discovery, demo flow, and more, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

Additionally, Foundry offers best practice guides, AI-powered Developer Assistants to facilitate faster onboarding for engineering teams, and Store Launchpads, which provide ready-to-use eCommerce stores with prebuilt integrations and backend capabilities, the release said.

Dirk Hoerig, co-founder and CEO of commercetools, highlighted the significance of composable commerce for retailers focused on enhancing customer experiences and adapting to changing market dynamics. With commercetools Foundry, businesses can expedite their adoption of composable commerce, enabling them to stay ahead of evolving consumer and buyer behavior.

While currently available for B2C retail brands, commercetools Foundry will soon be accessible to B2B wholesalers within months, per the release.

In another recent move, commercetools teamed with PayPal in November to offer a wider range of payment options for customers through the PayPal Braintree payment platform. This integration will allow commercetools’ customers to seamlessly work with multiple payment providers, acquirers and banks.

In August, commercetools integrated Riskified’s fraud prevention and risk management solutions with its eCommerce platform. This integration allows merchants using commercetools to combat payment fraud while ensuring a frictionless customer experience.