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UPS Lockers Will Make It Easier To Pick Up Packages

UPS introduces new Access Point lockers.

Ever had a UPS delivery that you’ve missed because you were working, out running errands, or had some other perfectly normal reason why you were not at home between the typical 9-5 hours?

Or maybe you live in an apartment that UPS can’t access or an address that UPS doesn’t ship to.

We all know how annoying missing a UPS package can be (because, of course, you have to drive miles and miles out of your way to the warehouse, which seemingly can only be accessed during certain late night and very inconvenient hours).

Well, UPS is trying to make it more convenient for customers to receive their packages, according to Small Business Trends, by adding 300 self-service package lockers across the country, which will be setup outside convenient stores and other easily accessible locations and will be accessible 24/7.

“For online retailers, providing additional convenient delivery locations is one of the secrets to more shopping cart conversions, greater loyalty and happier customers,” Kalin Robinson, UPS’ director of its access point locker program, said in a statement. “UPS Access Point lockers can be easily accessed when it fits the shopper’s schedule, giving an online retailer added value to present at checkout. The lockers enable more shoppers to enjoy the ease and simplicity of buying online.”

It remains to be seen whether or not UPS Access Point locker program will prove successful enough to expand to even more locations, but for anyone who has ever missed a UPS delivery, this will probably come as welcomed news.


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