DoorDash’s Digital Side Gets Customer Data Overhaul

The explosion of on-demand delivery apps has made ordering dinner easier than ever before. But what if customers don’t want to eat at the restaurants they know or they can’t wait around an extra five minutes for their food to arrive?

DoorDash’s newest app redesign has the answer.

Chief Product Officer Stanley Tang announced that as of Thursday (March 24), the DoorDash app would show “Delight scores” – a rating for each restaurant that Tang calls an “industry-first” move. Why make that claim? DoorDash’s delight scores might very well be the first such metric to score how on-demand delivery meals taste after they’ve been on the back of a messenger bike or on the floor of a courier’s car.

“We’ve delivered millions of meals and tasty morsels since DoorDash first launched, and each one has fed our evolving algorithm with quantitative and qualitative data that helps make the next delivery even better,” Tang explained in a blog post. “By combining a number of data points including restaurant popularity, customer feedback, and much more, the Delight score can help you discover new restaurants in your neighborhood or help you decide between two different spots with similar food.”

While traditional restaurant ratings from diners who physical sat down in said eatery may not apply to the growing number of on-demand delivery options, it’s important to note that DoorDash’s Delight scores are far from a perfect solution. While Tang claims that the company took special care to work out the kinks in the ratings system, a driver may get dinged for a poorly cooked meal or a restaurant may suffer because of a careless delivery.

“If there was one experience that went poorly, because maybe we were late on the delivery, we’re certainly not going to penalize merchants for that fact,” Tang explained.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Delight scores impact overall orders – or if diners prefer to stick with their favorites regardless.