Samsung’s Next Move Could Be Bendable Galaxy

Samsung may have beat Apple in adding “X” into the name of its smartphone, but that doesn’t mean the Korean technology company has been able to surpass its biggest rival in terms of sales. But according to news from The New York Post, Samsung could strike its largest blow to the iPhone X yet, with rumored plans to release a bendable smartphone.

According to the publication, Samsung has been using the Galaxy X name for months, although Apple released its iPhone X before Samsung could put the name to market. Now, though, the Galaxy X could be headed to market using the technology that Samsung has been showing off at trade shows for some time.

The rumors that Samsung is moving forward with manufacturing a bendable smartphone stem from a new support page on Samsung’s website, where it names a SM-G888N0 handset (tech site MobielKopen first spotted the page, reports said). Of course, the company doesn’t specifically say that the SM-G888N0 refers to a bendable smartphone, but the New York Post said Samsung has used this model number in the past in association with the bendable Galaxy X.

MobielKopen, a Dutch site, said Samsung has already secured regulatory certification for the device, including from the Wi-Fi Alliance and the Bluetooth SIG.

Reports said if Samsung does use the bendable screen technology in its newest smartphone, it would make it the first company to produce such a consumer device. But analysts said the company may manufacture a limited number of the phones and test them on the market before marketing en-masse, because bendable screens are so difficult to actually make.

It’s still under wraps if and when Samsung will actually release the bendable device. But reports last month said for now, the company is working on the Galaxy Note 9, which will again look to out-tech Apple’s iPhone. The Galaxy Note 9 reportedly includes a fingerprint sensor, with analysts expecting the smartphone out in February.