Samsung’s Galaxy 7 Generates More Mobile Browsing Than Other Devices

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean consumer electronics company, may be getting a lot of buzz with the launch of the Galaxy S8 line of smartphones, but its Galaxy 7 controls the market when it comes to mobile Internet surfing.

That’s according to ScientiaMobile, which released its Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) for Q1 2017 on Thursday (May 4), which said the Samsung Galaxy S7 generates more mobile browsing than any other Samsung device in the world. In a press release, the research firm said that in the past the Galaxy S5 was the most-used device in the world, including in the U.S., as of March of this year.

ScientiaMobile said that based on the Q1 2017 MOVR, the Samsung Galaxy S5 peaked in popularity November 2015 at 5.5 percent, 579 days after launch. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 peaked in June 2016 at 3.1 percent, 428 days after launch, remaining well below its predecessor until March 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is still growing in popularity and eclipsed both S5 and S6 in April 2017 after only 400 days. ScientiaMobile said it is monitoring the Samsung Galaxy S8, which launched last month. “Given the age and size of S5 and S6 user base, the upgrade potential for the S8 is significant if Samsung can retain customers,” ScientiaMobile said.

Last month, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy S8 line of smartphones, which boasts a curved screen on both sides, the largest screen in Samsung’s history. The device is seen as redemption after the costly debacle with the Galaxy Note 7 last year. Samsung had to kill the phone after the battery caught on fire, which hurt its reputation and paved the way for Apple to become the number one smartphone seller for the first time ever.