No More Waiting To Pay At California Pizza Kitchen

Restaurant limbo … we’ve all been there. You’ve finished your meal, and you’re ready to leave, but you can’t go until the waiter brings the bill, takes your credit card and delivers a receipt for you to sign. Depending upon how many tables the waiter has in their section, you may be waiting with your friends, family or date anywhere from five to 15 minutes (maybe even more).

California Pizza Kitchen has taken notice of this and has decided to raise the bar in its current mobile app, CPK Pizza Dough Rewards. It’s one of many restaurants that is jumping on board to reduce the amount of time diners are spending after they’re finished with their meal.

On Wednesday (Feb. 1), it was announced that the CPK Pizza Dough Rewards app officially integrated with NCR Aloha Cloud Connect, Aloha Table Service and the Paytronix Rewards and CRM Platform to enhance the dining experience, giving patrons the ability to pay directly from their mobile device. By eliminating the post-meal waiting time, California Pizza Kitchen has placed value on both customers’ experience level and time.

“We developed our new and improved CPK Pizza Dough Rewards app with our highly mobile guests in mind. In fact, 80 percent of our Pizza Dough Rewards loyalty members engage with us through their mobile device,” said Ashley Ceraolo, senior vice president of marketing and beverage at California Pizza Kitchen. “More than ever, our guests are looking for flexibility and an authentic experience that’s customized to their needs, whether dining-in, grabbing a meal to go or simply tracking their reward status for their next visit. By incorporating innovations in mobile pay, omnichannel messaging and more, all fully integrated with our loyalty program, we’re putting more control of the dining experience in our guests’ hands.”

At the end of the day, we all lead busy lives and want to make sure our time is spent as efficiently as possible. Whether you have a movie you’re trying to get to after dinner or an important business meeting after lunch, having the ability to pay and leave in a timely manner is not only crucial but necessary to quality restaurant service.