NEW REPORT: How One Health And Wellness Company Carbo-Loads On Software

Can software development be the ultimate workout program for an eCommerce business? With new capabilities that allow companies to target or understand consumer behavior better than ever before, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to build up their software strength.

The latest Developer Tracker™, powered by Vantiv, looks at companies around the space using mobile software development to help pump up sales.

Around the Developer World

Mobile devices now account for more than 50 percent of the world’s internet usage, and research released earlier this month indicates that there are now more than five billion unique mobile device users around the world. With smartphones and other mobile devices dominating the modern market, it should come as no surprise that several providers have recently unveiled new products and formed partnerships designed to meet modern consumers where they live … on mobile devices. 

Amazon customers in Japan now have a new billing option when making purchases through the eCommerce giant. The company recently stuck a new deal with Bango that enables customers in Japan to charge purchases to their standard mobile phone bill. 

Similarly, marketing firm AppsFlyer is hoping to use mobile tech to give clients increased access to advertising campaign information. The company recently launched a new app that allows marketers working with AppsFlyer to access information related to their marketing and advertising campaigns directly from a mobile device.

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Developing a Healthy Online Business

Mobile technology is also helping to spur some healthy growth in the online wellness industry. Launched in 2009, NutraClick began as a direct-to-consumer company with a single supplement offering. Just a few months into business, the company partnered with health and wellness retailer GNC — which now carries its products — and has grown into a technology-driven health and wellness company offering five supplements in more than 40,000 retail locations.

For this month’s Tracker Feature Story, PYMNTS caught up with Ben Brown, a senior software engineer at NutraClick, to discuss how technology is continuing to change the way consumers purchase the company’s products.

“We’re always working to expand our business,” said Brown. “We know that customers tend to hear about our products via those targeted ads, so we’re always looking to improve that [process] to better understand how our customers behave and see [which] factors drive them to make those purchases.”

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