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American Express Launches Go For Gig Workers

Amex Offers Digital Payments for Remote Workers

American Express announced Thursday (Nov. 15) the launch of American Express Go, a new digital service aimed at helping mid-sized and large companies handle business expenses for temporary workers, recruits and employees without corporate cards.

In a press release, American Express said American Express Go features a virtual card that can be used online and over the phone, and also the option for the virtual numbers to be printed on a plastic card for in-person payments. American Express said the new service offers an easy mobile experience for freelancers and project-based workers who need to make business purchases with company funds, thereby removing the need for a reimbursement process. The payment company said it also increases control and visibility for companies when it comes to purchases made by their extended workforce, whether it's project supplies, business dinners or travel expenses.

“Mid-sized and large companies are operating with a new, dynamic workforce, as they increasingly employ freelancers and contractors, who previously had to wait for several weeks to be reimbursed for business and travel purchases,” said Gint Balodis, vice president of global B2B products for American Express global commercial services. “American Express Go was created to alleviate customer pain points faced by companies and their changing workforce by combining the control and flexibility of virtual cards with the convenience of a physical card that can be swiped on the go.”

American Express Go can be added to an existing American Express corporate payments program. With the ability to quickly generate virtual cards, businesses will reduce the back-office hassle of reviewing expense forms and issuing checks by increasing the ease and flexibility of providing access to new groups of individuals. The payment company said the new service is being powered by American Express vPayment, which is a virtual payment service that enables businesses to create specific use virtual account numbers with per-authorized spend controls and improve data capture.



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